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We extract the essence of Memento Mori (remember you will die) to bring a sense of importance to this heartbeat and what you do with it. We can't serve those we love and care for most if we are shackled by this fear however we can live and serve better if we know how to use the essence of this lesson. Our families, our friends, our communities are asking from us to go out and become our best selves. Memento Mori assists in that so we can live from our heart and soul and not all in our head.

We share insights of Epictetus teaching. The importance of distinguishing all that is in our power and is not in our power. As we uncover with clarity the where and why of our efforts we can elevate the energy we expend into those efforts. This will provide us with better results from our investments.

We join a successful CEO in this daily dose to discuss power to manifest what we will into our Destiny and the lives of others. Luis was inspired by Thank You company and how the CEO goes about securing a profitable business where his team can really prosper. All at the same time, contribute generously to charitable causes providing water to those who need it most.

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