The Story

Kyle Spyrides, the Author of ‘Decide Your Destiny’

says that he wrote this book for a very clear reason:

To change lives and so far, it is doing that.

He believes in our ability to change our lives for

the better and in our obligation, as he puts it, to

positively impact and change the lives of others.

For Kyle, he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the

people who both believed in him overcoming his

adversity and acted on that belief to help him

along the way.

What Spark of Passion and Purpose are you lighting in Your Heart?

2.5 Billion

Heartbeats in your life



in your life

216, 262, 500 Steps

Taken in your lifetime

About the moment grabbing you...

Along with publishing, Kyle had his own business, Soul Gazing Media where his job was to help business owners to visually communicate who they are, what they do and how they help their ideal audience with the services and products that they provide.

However this is not where his creative understanding originated from. It was in his grandparents home where he discovered the vision of ‘Soul Gazing Photography’. 

Up until that moment, Kyle thought Photography was all about grabbing the moment, now he had discovered that what it is really about is the moment grabbing you and you being ready to meet it. To extract from it what potential you see present. 

Kyle is not interested in the version that we show to the entire world. The pretense, the facade, the calculated conveying of our self to ‘fit’ the environment. He is interested in meeting the true, authentic individual that we don’t let anyone else see, our core essence.

There, in that moment of pure benevolence, in truth and connection to our divine, that’s where humanity has a chance. Kyle, with the camera, described his role as being a conduit, a facilitator of the moment, a moment he believes we all need to see. 

What Are You Saying, Clivey?

A pivotal moment that Kyle recounts is a time where he found himself on the edge of his bed at a crossroad. He had returned from Sydney where he witnessed his grandfather's final moments on this earth.

With Clivey gone, Kyle was looking for more direction and a greater purpose in his life. Kyle had a very unconventional upbringing, he was raised by his step-grandparents. They had a significant part to play as his parents and role models in a very crucial decade of his life. 

It was during that moment of deep soul searching and fed up desperation on the edge of his bed that sparked a memory which allowed him to set voyage onto his next journey. A memory that brought Decide Your Destiny into his life and into the lives of others.

The sun gushed in from the windows, 'kissing' the side of Clivey’s face, which had on it, a big boyish grin. Clivey and I weren’t speaking about anything in particular when he turned to me and spoke the words... ‘Decide Your Destiny’. I replied with a standard 18 year old boy’s response, “What”? “Decide Your Destiny”, he repeated. “What are you saying Clivey?”. “Kyle, make sure whatever you do in your life, that you decide your destiny.” 

Your Destiny Matters To Me!

Kyle brings into his work over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and product & service based business operations. He has successfully run his own photography, videography and training business and has worked on multi-million dollar production sets with The Pool Collective for the likes of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, NRMA and the Qantas Wallabies. 

This has expanded Kyle’s abilities to assist with successful outcomes on big stages. When it comes to Deciding Your Destiny, he does not take assisting in your journey lightly as it is quite possibly the biggest decision of your life. 

Kyle ensures that your experience is a positive one as he guides you through each step of the process, listening to your needs and concerns is fundamental to his work ethic as he aims to deliver on not only exceptional service but also what you have in mind for the goals of your Destiny. 

Kyle has been fortunate to travel around the world for work and has experienced unique places such as Peru, the Favelas in Brazil and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. 

He has been challenged with meeting unrealistic deadlines, high pressure situations and ever changing obstacles through those experiences. This has shaped Kyle to think on his feet, become a versatile problem solver and action taker, no matter how big or small the obstacle may be. 

Kyle brings enthusiasm, agility and heart and soul to the opportunity of helping you to achieve the map towards your Destinies Dreams.

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